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  1. Gold Layered Hexagon Hoop Earrings
  2. Light Pink Mint Half Flower Dangle Earrings
  3. Multi Beaded Star Flower Overlay Dangle Earrings
  4. Gold Hammered Metal Tulip Geometric Dangle Earrings
  5. Orange Clay Square Drop Earrings
  6. Yellow Double Arch Link Dangle Earrings
  7. Turquoise Double Arch Link Dangle Earrings
  8. Fuchsia Double Arch Link Dangle Earrings
  9. Round Colorful Rhinestone Link Dangle Earrings
  10. Gold Open Circle Turquoise Stone Teardrop Earrings
  11. Light Pink Double Daisy Flower Earrings
  12. Light Blue Double Daisy Flower Earrings
  13. Multi Color Beaded Tassel Dangle Earrings
  14. Pastel Neon Multi Open Circle Raffia Wrapped Earrings
  15. Rainbow Enamel Rhinestone Braided Hoop Earrings
  16. Lavender Flower Raffia Wrapped Half Hoop Earrings
  17. Turquoise Raffia Wrapped Open Circle Earrings
  18. Blue Enamel Gold Huggie Earrings
  19. Lavender Pattern Hexagon Dangle Earrings
  20. Blue Gingham Resin Rectangle Earrings
  21. Pink Gingham Resin Arch Earrings
  22. Brown Tan Raffia Fan Earrings
  23. Gold Layered Knot Hoop Earrings
  24. Gold Open Oval Hoop Earrings